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Anglo American Platinum

Programme: Self-Management Development Programme

Which area(s) of the programme gave you the most value?
  • Such a wonderful discovery to know how wonderful and great my Lord, Jesus Christ is. What people discover now is already said in His word....amazing!
  • Module 3 is wonderful to release all the anger and stress of many years!! (and to forgive).
  • Tapping for greatness. Excellent programme and excellent videos. Good material.
  • The tapping to eliminate the unwanted. Good value add with the videos.
  • Faster extended tapping process.
  • Tapping process and different styles.
  • Total programme. Excellent.
  • Fantastic programme! Thoroughly enjoyed the emotional mastery.
  • I am happy with the programme from Module 1 through to Module 3. Thank you! I have learned and I am glad I will be able to implement everything that I have learned in my personal life as well.
  • I enjoyed Module 3 extremely. Thank you.
  • The entire Module 3.
  • Tapping points. This is the perfect programme. Don’t take out anything from this programme and don’t add anything.
  • Rewriting a new tape in my subconscious mind.
  • All the programme for me. Everything is wow – great stuff!
  • This is an excellent programme to attend and it will add value to me.
  • Tapping.
Practical suggestions to improve the programme
  • Would like to do the 5 day programme and not the 3 day programme.
  • Maybe give it more time. I think it was congested in 3 days.
Practical suggestions to improve the programme
  • This programme was an excellent learning curve, it has changed my life and I will use it for the rest of my life and definitely share it with others. Thank you so much Kobus and Elise!
  • Every step in life starts small.
  • Life changing – very valuable.
  • I will recommend this course to family and friends.
  • Good programme that can be used for changing people’s behavior.
  • Great. Intend to motivate for AAP.
  • A very interesting programme. Such an eye opener!
  • Thank you. I will recommend to all!
  • People are the engine room of their life.
  • People have the power to make and create their own destination of their life.
  • This is a course to go through - it will change our lives! Well done.
  • I have the strength to change my life and of other people around me.
  • Must be rolled out to all Anglo employees.


Programme: Self-Management Development Programme

Which area(s) of the programme gave you the most value?
  • Creating your own brand. Wired for success. Augmenting strategies.
  • Drive and control – to establish areas to improve. Goal setting - created awareness of the need for meaningful goals.
  • Every area as it required of me to think, evaluate, action, re-think, dig deeper and its value I will value forever.
  • Finding your true self.
  • Forgiveness - I learned a lot and I feel like a new person. To me it is a beginning of my life - my career. Thank you so much. "I am alive".
  • Fundamentals of personal mastery. Augmenting strategies.
  • How your subconscious mind operates.
  • I would say everything. The knowledge gained. The strategies of how to claim my life back was of utmost value.
  • Learned a lot about low self-esteem. I'm not good enough. Always be positive and self-confident. Learned so much how to forgive. Stop applying negative thoughts and put in positive thoughts.
  • Learning Unit 3: Augmenting strategies.
  • Managing self.
  • Point 7 - architecture 4: One brain two minds.
  • Self-image: Believing in the brand that is me and learning to go through the experience but controlling my emotions.
  • The area which gave me the value of what causes cancer, stress, headache and lastly cancer.
  • The detailed information about the science behind the teaching. Natural laws. Understanding drive and control.
  • The tapping. Ek was mal om te hoor hoe jy jouself sleg sê en negatiewe dinge benader en om positief te dink.
Practical suggestions to improve the programme
  • Content is well balanced and interesting.
  • Everything in here is clear and precise. The programme is just marvelous!
  • It's perfect as is!
  • Nee, was regtig BAIE lekker en het dit baie geniet. Baie dankie oom.
  • No – but I wish Distell could do more of these courses for their employees.
  • No everything was perfect.
  • No, but the warmth and sincerity showed and made a difference from day one - thanks.
  • None – None at all...
  • None whatsoever. If anything I would love for this programme to be introduced from school already...
  • Not applicable - it's so fantastic.
  • Not applicable.
  • Nothing.
  • Roll out to senior management.
  • The programme and the approach were so awesome. Only short coming was that I didn't have enough tissues with me... Lol. Need tissues next to the water jugs.
  • This programme is fantastic and the only suggestion I can give is to be invited to the follow-up course of this one.
  • This will improve my inner thinking and motivation.
Practical suggestions to improve the programme
  • A highly informative and recommended programme for everyone.
  • Be open and take all in. It is with good intention and so good to know you have the power to change your life - NO LIMITS!
  • Discovery - know the TRUE "you".
  • Do not have stress. Let bygones be bygones.
  • Encourage anybody and everybody to attend. I have a different mindset now.
  • How to find myself / who am I? This is the way to confront your inner-self – the demons that are killing you! Find what you want!
  • I have grown mentally. It is mind opening. Go for it - you won't look back at life and have regrets. It is super great - No words! But try it because it’s for the best.
  • I would say if you really want to tap out your true potential this is the right course.
  • If you are looking to rediscover yourself and give birth to who God intended you to be, this course WILL change you and how you view and value the world.
  • If you want to learn in a fun and new way how to discover yourself, find inner peace and explore opportunities to create your dreams and goals then please attend the Self-Management Development Programme. You will not be sorry!
  • Influence the people to go for it because it changes their life - it keeps you healthy.
  • It is science brought to reality. A "must" attend programme. The facilitator's energy is contagious!
  • Life changing information. A definite must do for the time and age we live in.
  • Starting with Kobus - oh what energy! We were literally eating out of his hands. He has such knowledge on this subject. What I learned on this course is priceless. I am a new person based on the knowledge gained and the strategies learned on this amazing course.
  • This programme is the best thing that could happen to anybody's life. An eye opener indeed.
  • This programme opened me to find the real me and what I can do to make me happy.