Self Management Programme - The Art of Personal Mastery

"Truly the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."

This programme is designed for all employees.

Learning Unit 1 - The Fundamentals of Personal Mastery

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and analyse the impact that DRIVE and CONTROL competencies have in the achievement of life and professional goals.
  • Explain the impact that VULNERABILITY and FEAR have on our ability to function purposefully.
  • Differentiate goal options and develop SPECIFIC AIM goals.
  • Explain and analyse SELF-IMAGE identifying low self-image sources and obstacles.
  • Describe and apply the POWER OF PRAXIS: The integration of Belief with Behaviour.

Learning Unit 2 - The Power of Creative Thought

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise and explain the impact that THOUGHTS have in the achievement of any personal and professional goals.
  • Understand the consequences of pursuing TOXIC THOUGHT patterns and programming.
  • Examine THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT as a primary law for achieving favourable results.
  • Differentiate and examine the interconnection between the THINKING CONSCIOUS MIND and the EMOTIONAL SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
Self Management Programme

Self Management Programme

Learning Unit 3 - Augmenting Strategies

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and apply appropriate STRATEGIES to ensure the mastery of events and circumstances.
  • Understand the impact that TRAUMAS and EXPERIENCES had, and still have, in our pursuit for meaningful results
  • Employ TECHNIQUES to remove negative and inhibiting memories, limiting beliefs and emotions.

Learning Unit 4 - Managing Self

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse and interpret ROLE CLARIFICATION as a measure of one's contribution at work.
  • Analyse and interpret TEMPERAMENT and the impact it has on one's effectiveness.
  • Identify and develop successful CAREER MANAGEMENT FACTORS.
  • Develop a PERSONAL BRAND as a benchmark for one's relevance, appeal, coherency and integration.

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